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Make Up Desk and Stuff Inspiration

Hi guys, thank you for visit my site. Today I want to share with you about my dream work desk and some of ideas of stuffs.

Make up is my new interest lately and i feel it’s to late to realize that i love make up so much.
Since I was in high school i have hand talent, I can draw, I am creative, I always excited to make everything new. But fortunately I don’t use it properly.
And that time i don’t ever interest about make up.

Short story, now make up is my side job as a hobby. Still learning how to be better and love searching some make up stuff and all of them.

Here I found some example of make up dress from Pinterest that i love and wish to have them.





I think have a big table and have some lamps on my desk is more enjoyable. I can practice everytime, videoing, and do some projects.

Here I found some ideas for make up storage.



CR: Pinterest

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